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  1. Joana
    Joana 05/29/07 at 7:20am |

    Hmm, that seems kind of interesting. I’m not sure if I’d join yet as I’m not a trusting person and I wonder how many people would actually follow through with the swaps. Could be fun though. I’ll have to think on it.

  2. skiper
    skiper 05/31/07 at 8:23pm |

    How about a link swap on 1 of my blogs :)

  3. Dre
    Dre 06/1/07 at 2:33am |

    skiper wrote:

    How about a link swap on 1 of my blogs :)

    and where do I find this blog?

  4. Gauravi
    Gauravi 06/8/07 at 8:33pm |

    Hi! My name is Gauravi and I am from Goa, India. I think it’d be pretty cool if we swapped! Let’s do it! Email me at devika28@aol.com if you are interested!


  5. Jana Kaye
    Jana Kaye 07/19/07 at 7:45am |

    Hi! My name is Jana Kaye and I’m from Kentucky, USA. I would like to swap with you, if you are interested. My list can be found here: http://snailsu.livejournal.com if you are interested and my email is: kosan@kuririnmail.com Hope to hear from you soon ^^

  6. Bettye
    Bettye 08/14/07 at 12:47pm |

    Hello! I am VERY interested in swapping with you! If you would be interested in anything I have, or would like anything in particular please feel free to visit my blog first @ DISHSOAPANDMILKDUDS.BLOGSPOT.COM I tried to very meticulous! However, I would love to accomodate you! I’m new and am really eager to get swapping! Thanks so much and i hope to hear from you soon!


  7. Debbie
    Debbie 08/22/07 at 8:09pm |

    Hi there, I am Debbie from Malaysia. Wanna swap? I can offer you Malaysian chocolates/snacks and souvenirs, postcards, fashion magazines, stationeries, vintage jewelleries, and maybe some surprises. Please email me at phat_elara@yahoo.com if you’re interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Audrey
    Audrey 08/24/07 at 11:58pm |

    I’m very interested toswap with you girl!
    I’m Audrey from France

  9. Cindy
    Cindy 06/27/08 at 8:10am |


    I’m Cindy from Belgium
    I would be interrested in swapping with you!


    Please let me know if interrested!


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