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  1. Jean Lharra Barcebal de Guzman
    Jean Lharra Barcebal de Guzman 08/8/13 at 9:57pm |

    You are an ugly shit!

  2. Charmaigne Anne Tayag
    Charmaigne Anne Tayag 01/10/14 at 10:19pm |


    I also had a bad experience today in the boutique of Etude House in Robinsons Metro East. I was at the counter waiting for the cashier lady to process my transaction when she called my attention to show that she has opened my eye primer product for me to see that it has not been used. To better explain it I’m just gonna post the message I wrote on the facebook page of Etude House Philippines:

    It was my first time to buy a makeup product from your store today and I went to the cashier to pay for my Proof 10 Eye Primer, I was talking to my mom while waiting for the person at the cashier to scan the products. While I was talking, the cashier lady called our attention to show us that she has opened my eye primer from the box, uncapped it, and showed us the appllication wand. She said for us to look at it so that we know it hasn’t been used yet.
    My mom and I were shocked because she opened the product. How are we to know and guarantee that the product has never been used before if it wasn’t even us who were the first to open it, since we weren’t looking directly at her during that period. Besides that point, I bought an EYE product! Her opening that eye product is super unhygienic! The box didn’t even have a seal! How were we supposed to know that it has never been tampered with! Especially since it’s an eye product, hygiene is very important for me because I might go blind or something if it got contaminated. I know it might be a bit exagerrated but you have got to think of those possibilities since a lot of accidents happen from those naive like moments.
    We asked why she did it and the cashier person told us that it was standard procedure for them to open the product and show it to their costumers so that we know that it hasn’t been used yet. We told her that doing that isnt the standard procedure of other makeup companies because it is unhygienic and she just said it was so we can guarantee it was in perfect condition. How was I supposed to know what its supposed to look like the first time since I haven’t bought a product like that before. Put a seal on it if you want people to know that it hasn’t been used! If not on the box then on the product itself. The cashier person didn’t even ask us to open the product that I AM gonna be using, she just opened it.
    That was a very disappointing encounter for us and it makes us double think about the integrity of your products. And to think that I was so excited to try out your product properly since I don’t really use your tester products on my face because of hygienic purposes so I only use them on my hands. I hope you do something about opening the products to be bought by your customers.
    Thank you.”

    I hope they respond to it in a better way than they did to you and I’m sorry that you weren’t able to get your product since I’m sure it costed almost close to 500 php. sigh

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