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One of my big dreams is to live by the beach. I think I can only do that when I am rich and could live in luxury. I was browsing through Google images for a really good wallpaper of the beach or an island for my desktop, when I came across Mansions at Acqualina, which are luxury oceanfront condos in South Florida. They are part of the Seaside Properties Group at Douglas Elliman, a luxury real estate company located there.

When I become rich and not so much as famous, I would  probably be one of their clients that are really sophisticated and wealthy, looking for second or third homes. Their website is a great source of luxury oceanfront condos and waterfront estates that include Mansions at Acqualina, it is very imformative, but you could always request for more information by filling out a form that is conveniently seen at the right side of every page. I´ll probably be riding my unu through the new neighborhood when I get there. It´ll be so much fun if I have my family visit me when I´m there so we could all ride on my unu.

To read more about the  Mansions at Acqualina, visit their blog. They also tell you why you should buy those luxury seaside mansions. I would just love to live there!

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie 12/16/12 at 2:45pm |

    We think alike! I’ve always wanted to be close to the beach. The photos of the blue waters, white sand, and palm trees are to die for! I absolutely love them! Plus I’m really excited because I’ve never even visited an ocean beach before, ever! That’s actually on my to do list for my New Year resolutions!

    Have fun :)

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