Globe SuperSurf999

Recently, I had an issue with my mobile internet via Globe’s SuperSurf, where I could not browse at all, no matter what I do or where I am. After relentlessly tweeting them and asking my friend, who works for Globe, what the potential problem is, I finally was able to point out to their chat representative, that since my SIM was recently replaced, it might not yet be activated for internet use.

*insert whoop whoop imagery here*

Yes, that was the problem from the start. My SIM wasn’t activated for internet use. The chat representative informed me that it would take up to 48 hours before for my SIM to be activated. But it took less than 24 hours for my data subscription to work!


I thought I just wasted Php999 for Globe’s SuperSurf subscription, but I am really happy with it. Normally, I get up to 1.9mbps connection speed, which means, I can stream high quality videos from YouTube and watch lots of FunForLouis¬†stuff! It also means I can tweet a lot, so follow me – @drewolf.


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